Become a Member

If you are already a member of UNA-USA, click here to join UNFCU.

Please note that upon enrollment you will need to send supporting documentation to UNFCU which verifies your UNA‑USA membership. This can include a copy of your UNA‑USA membership card, Welcome Letter, or any other email correspondence from UNA‑USA directed to your attention with notification of an event and/or activity.

Not a UNA-USA member?

To learn more and become a member, please visit the UNA‑USA website. Find out how the association with network chapters across the United States is furthering the humanitarian aims of the United Nations through a unique collaboration with our sponsor. Affinity groups, special UN activities, events, social media and advocacy platforms are your gateway to engagement on the United Nations.


The card offers Chip and PIN for maximum security and each purchase helps support UNA-USA.


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