Fees and Service Charges

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Fees and Service Charges

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Account Service Charges

Check Printing
  • Standard Checks
No Fee
  • Counter Checks
USD 1.00
  • Additional Charges for Other Styles
Varies by style
MasterCard Debit Card Instant Issue Replacement
USD 10.00
Direct Deposit
No Fee
Photocopy of Check
First six free; thereafter USD 3.00 per copy
Copy of Statement of Account
(more than 6 months old)
USD 2.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF)
  • UNFCU Check
USD 25.00
  • Check/Pre-Authorized Payment
USD 25.00
Returned Deposit Items
  • From an institution within the US
USD 10.00
  • From an institution outside the US
As incurred by UNFCU
Stop Payment of a Check
USD 10.00
Transmatic Overdraft Protection
USD 5.00
Canadian Check Processing Fee
USD 10.00
Collection Items
USD 25.00
Savings Account:
Below USD 50.00 Minimum Balance
USD 5.00/​month
Money Market Account:
Below USD 2,500.00 Minimum Average Daily Balance
USD 7.50/​month
ACH Return Fee
USD 20.00
ACH Stop Payment
USD 15.00
Paper Statement Fee*
USD 2.00/​month
Dormant Account Fee**
USD 5.00/​month

* Applicable for Internet Banking users not enrolled in eStatements.
** Dormant fees are accessed when an account has been inactive for 2 years.

Additional Financial Services

American Express Travelers Cheque
No Fee
American Express Gift Cheque
USD 2.00
Counter Check
USD 1.00
Money Order
USD 2.00
Official (Bank) Check
No Fee

UNFCU ATM Fees when using the UNFCU debit card*

UNFCU ATMs in the US and all ATMs within the CO-OP and Allpoint Networks:
  • Unlimited withdrawals and balance inquiries
No Fee
Non-UNFCU ATMs that are not part of the CO‑OP and Allpoint Networks:
  • First 3 balance inquiries and 8 withdrawals per month
No Fee
  • Over 8 withdrawals per month within the US
USD 1.00/​withdrawal
  • Over 8 withdrawals per month outside the US
USD 3.00/​withdrawal
  • Over 3 balance inquiries per month within the US
USD 0.50/​inquiry
  • Over 3 balance inquiries per month outside the US
USD 1.00/​inquiry
Foreign transaction fee for non-USD cash withdrawals
Foreign transaction fee for USD cash withdrawals outside the US
UNFCU ATM Fees in Nairobi:
  • Cash withdrawals
USD 2.00

*Fees are for ATMs outside the CO-OP and Allpoint networks. The operator of the ATMs, if outside the CO-OP and Allpoint networks, may impose its own fee for the use of its ATM in addition to the fees listed here. UNFCU offers qualified members ATM fee rebates of up to USD 120 per year.

Share Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalty

For a term of:
  • Under 1 Year
Up to 90-day dividend forfeiture
  • 1 Year and Over
Up to 180-day dividend forfeiture

Wire Transfer

Incoming Wire Transfer
No Fee
Outgoing wire transfers in USD:
  • eWire (online payments system) transfer within the US and its territories
USD 15.00
  • eWire (online payments system) transfer sent outside the US and its territories
USD 30.00
  • In-branch/rep office initiated transfer sent within the US and its territories
USD 35.00
  • In-branch/rep office initiated transfer sent outside the US and its territories
USD 40.00
Outgoing wire transfers in non-USD:
  • eWire (online payments system)
USD 30.00
  • Initiated in branch or representative office
USD 35.00

BillPay Fees

With Direct Deposit
No Fee
Without Direct Deposit per month
USD 4.95
Overdraft Fee
USD 20.00
Stop Payment
USD 15.00

Legal Fees

Notary Public
No Fee
Legal Document Processing Fees
(i.e. levies, restraining notices, subpoenas, garnishments, et al.)
USD 25.00
Consular/Balance Letter
USD 5.00
Escheatment Fee
USD 25.00

Research/Investigation Fees

Per hour
(USD 5.00 minimum charge) plus all additional pass-through expenses
USD 25.00
Document Retrieval Fee
USD 50.00

Express Delivery of Credit Card, Debit Card, PIN mailers and other non-card items

Express Courier – US
USD 15.00
Express Courier – Outside US
USD 50.00+
(or as incurred by UNFCU)

Fees and service charges are in US dollars. Rates, fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice.

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