Incoming Wires

Incoming Wires

Sending funds to UNFCU via incoming wires

UNFCU is not a member of SWIFT and does not have a SWIFT Code/BIC. If you are having funds wired to UNFCU, the following information is required:
  1. UNFCU ABA number: 2260-7860-9
  2. Full member name
  3. Your 13 digit UNFCU account number without dashes or spaces
  4. UNFCU address:
    24-01 44th Road, Long Island City, NY 11101 USA
  5. The purpose of the wire

There is no charge to members for funds received via wire transfers.

UNFCU can only accept deposits in USD so any transfers sent in another currency must be converted to USD prior to deposit. UNFCU does not perform that conversion, so please confirm with the financial institution that is sending the non-USD transfer that they can first convert the funds to USD.

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