Changing UN Duty Stations and Relocating


When moving to a new location, it is important to keep your financial plan on the right track. We can help make the moving process easier with worldwide account access, moving assistance and international insurance options.

Reviewing Account Options

Where will you conduct day-to-day banking transactions such as deposits, ATM withdrawals or account transfers? Will you need to open an account at a new bank or financial institution? We can help review your account options to identify banking solutions that are right for you.

Moving and Setting Up a New Home

What moving service will you use to relocate furniture and personal items? Will you buy or rent a property when you arrive at your new location? What purchases will you need to make at your new location? We offer a broad range of moving solutions designed to make your move go more smoothly.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance helps protect you, your family and your assets against unexpected events. What type of insurance services will you and your family require in your new location? We offer a broad range of insurance solutions for members living in the US and around the world.

Featured Rates

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Checking0.05% APY
IRA0.20% APY
Clubs0.20% APY
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