Getting Married

The wedding ceremony marks the beginning of a new life together. Getting married may also require combining households, assets and finances. Shortly before or after your marriage, it is a good idea to review your financial plan to ensure that all of your banking, insurance, mortgage and investments needs are being met. Whether you are just starting out or combining families at midlife, we can help make the most of your wedding day.

Planning for the Future

Will you have a joint bank account? Do you have adequate health, life and homeowners insurance for your combined needs as a couple? How would you like to spend your retirement years and where will your retirement income come from? We can help you create a comprehensive financial plan based on your personal goals and objectives.

Wedding and Honeymoon Costs

Will you have a large wedding for 200 guests or a small ceremony for a handful of friends and family members? Will you travel around the world on your honeymoon or take a short trip somewhere near by? Whatever your plans may be, we provide a number of options to pay for the cost of your wedding and honeymoon.

Setting up a Home

Will you buy a new home together? Renovate or expand an existing property to accommodate your new spouse and any existing children? Buy new furniture that better reflects your needs as a couple? We can help you finance, furnish or renovate the house of your dreams.

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