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    Membership Application

    Thank you for your interest in joining UNFCU. Before starting the application process, please confirm your eligibility and review our account restrictions.

    Already a UNFCU member? If you need to update your information or open new accounts, please complete the applicable online forms available on Digital Banking.

    Required documentation

    To complete your application to join UNFCU, please have the listed documents available that are required based on your eligibility criteria.

    You will also need to provide:
    • Copy of a valid government issued identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or National ID card that has not expired and shows your signature as it appears on the application.
    • Mailing address where you would like to receive communications from UNFCU.
    • Residential address if different from your mailing address. This should not include a PO Box.
    • An ownership share of $50.00 that will be deposited in your Membership Savings Account.
    • Your social security number if you are a US taxpayer, or your tax identification number if you are not a US citizen or resident alien.

    If you would like to open an organization account for a permanent mission to the United Nations in New York, please email your membership information to: mission@unfcu.com