Chip and PIN Cards

Chip and PIN Cards

Credit and debit cards with chip and PIN technology (also known as EMV* cards) are the norm in more than 130 countries due to the additional security and peace of mind that they provide consumers and merchants. UNFCU was the first financial institution to introduce chip and PIN credit cards in the US in 2010.

Today, chip and PIN technology is available on all UNFCU VISA® credit cards and our VISA debit card. The embedded chip makes the card extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy. Each cardholder will receive a four-digit PIN (personal identification number) to use with their card.

To see how you can use your UNFCU card at chip enabled terminals:

To enable the use of our cards at merchants that do not yet have a chip enabled terminal, UNFCU cards also have the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. They can be used with a signature where PINs are not yet accepted.

*Europay-MasterCard-VISA (EMV)

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