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Car driving in nature.
US Automobile Loan

Enjoy the destination and the journey

Finance the purchase of a new, used, hybrid, or electric vehicle in the US, with added rate savings

Improve your commute or your weekend getaways driving your dream car. Enjoy financing discounts for new, hybrid, and electric cars.

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    There are no pre-payment penalties for paying back your loan before the end of your term.

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    Your loan includes free coverage in the event of your passing.

Automobile loan details

Included with an automobile loan


Loan amount

Included with an automobile loan

$500 to $150,0004


Included with an automobile loan

Fixed starting at 6.00% APR3


Included with an automobile loan

Up to 6 years
(shorter terms offer lower rates)

Collateral required

Included with an automobile loan

The automobile that you finance

Decision time

Included with an automobile loan

As little as four business days7

Application fee

Included with an automobile loan


Pre-payment penalties

Included with an automobile loan


Origination fee

Included with an automobile loan


Disbursement time

Included with an automobile loan

As little as one business day7,8

Member Loyalty Rewards

Included with an automobile loan

Credit Life Protection

Included with an automobile loan

Credit Disability Debt Protection

Included with an automobile loan

Enroll for a fee

Consistent monthly payment amounts

Included with an automobile loan

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Car driving in nature.

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Top automobile loan FAQs

We would only hold a lien on your title if you have an outstanding auto loan with us. Once you repay the loan in full, the lien can be released. We will send you the required notices. You can then present them to your local department of motor vehicles along with a new title request.

Unsecured loans are not backed by collateral. This means there is no asset for the lender to claim if the borrower is unable to pay back the loan. Our unsecured personal loan is an example of an unsecured loan.

A secured loan requires an asset as collateral. For example, a mortgage is a secured loan. The home being purchased is used as collateral to secure the mortgage. In the event the home buyer is unable to repay the mortgage, the lender can claim the property.

For unsecured loans and secured auto loans, the term of your loan is one of several factors that determine the rate. The term of the loan does not impact the rate for a secured with deposit loan. For lines of credit, including credit cards, term is not applicable. 

You can select your term as part of the application process. Loans with shorter terms usually have lower interest costs but higher monthly payments than loans with longer terms. Term options range from six to 180 months, depending on the loan. The loan officer who reviews your application may contact you to discuss a different term than the one you selected. This will be based on our assessment of how much you can afford to pay each month.

Please contact us as soon as possible to inform us of your future plans. If you receive a final entitlement, we may apply the full amount or a portion of it to cover the amount you owe. We will discuss your options with you.

The rate for your loan may differ from the rates offered by local lenders due to a number of factors. One factor could be if you are choosing between an unsecured and a secured loan. For example, UNFCU international home loans are unsecured loans, meaning that you do not have to provide an asset as collateral. A local lender may offer a secured loan where the home you purchase serves as collateral. When a home is used as collateral, it can be taken by the lender if payments are not made. Secured loans tend to have lower rates than unsecured loans for this reason.

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