Individual using UNFCU debit card at an ATM.
Debit Card

Access your money securely worldwide

Make secure purchases1 and withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide2 with a UNFCU Visa® debit card. You can also make deposits to your UNFCU accounts using UNFCU ATMs in the US.

Enhanced security for your purchases

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    Contactless payments

    Pay with a tap using your debit card, or add it to your Google Pay™, Apple Pay®, or Samsung Pay3 digital wallet.

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    Mobile notifications & email alerts

    Set up alerts for purchases, merchant credits, and declined transactions.

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    Real-time fraud alerts

    Free alerts sent to your email or mobile phone keep you informed of any suspicious activity.

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    Protection by Visa

    Safeguard your purchases with Visa extended warranty protection4, return protection5, and price protection.6

Request a debit card

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking.

    You can also call us or visit one of our locations to request a debit card.

  2. Under Account Services, select Online Forms.

  3. Select the Debit Card Application online form.

  4. Complete and sign the online form.


Quick tip

You can also request a debit card as part of the account opening process when you open a new checking or savings account.

Top debit card FAQs

If you have both a savings and checking account, your debit card purchases will be linked to your checking account. 

Some ATMs will give you the option to choose whether to take the money from your checking or savings account. If the ATM does not allow you to choose, the money will be withdrawn from your checking account.

You can use your UNFCU debit card around the world. View our fees and service charges for withdrawals at ATMs that are not part of the Co-op and AllPoint Networks. If you use your debit card for purchases outside the US, Visa will charge foreign transaction fees. ATM and foreign transaction fees are eligible for Member Loyalty Rebates.  

If you plan to use your debit card when you travel, we encourage you to set a travel notice at least 48 hours before your trip. Doing so tells us that you are using your card away from home, and we will not lock it. If you purchased your airline ticket with a UNFCU card, we have all your details. You do not need to add a travel notice.

Yes, we have daily limits to protect you in case your card is lost or stolen. Your debit card can be used five times a day for ATM withdrawals, and 20 times a day for purchases.

Resources to help you manage your card

Visit the Help Center
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View new card details

Credit & Debit Cards

Report fraud or dispute a charge

Digital Banking Setup

Set up email or mobile account alerts

Spending is simple with a checking account

Link your debit card to the account that allows for unlimited monthly transactions and purchases.