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Five tips for protecting yourself at ATMs

A few simple precautions can help keep you and your finances safe when you use ATMs. 

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Our priority is to uphold our members’ security. When you’re accessing cash in public, it is important to take a few extra safety precautions to keep you and your money safe. Here are some tips to protect yourself at ATMs.

1. Be aware 

Pay attention to your surroundings, particularly at night. Consider having someone accompany you. 

2. If you notice anything suspicious, consider leaving 

Consider using another ATM or returning later. If you notice anything suspicious while conducting your transaction, consider canceling the transaction and leaving the ATM. 

3. Cover your hand 

Cover your hand when entering your personal identification number (PIN). This way, if there are unauthorized devices attached to the ATM, they will not be able to record your PIN entry. 

4. Do not display cash 

Be discreet with your cash in the vicinity of the ATM. When your transaction has been completed, count the cash in the safety of your vehicle or home.   

5. Report crime 

Report any crime to local law enforcement officials and the operator of the ATM. 

Further reading

Staying aware can also help protect you from fraud and scams. Learn more about some of the most common fraud schemes and scams.

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