Stay secure: Be cautious of phone calls claiming to be from UNFCU reporting fraud on your accounts.  Contact us directly to verify.

Digital Banking FAQs

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Enrolling in Digital Banking

Yes. Your account information and transactions for the past 36 months are available in Digital Banking. When you initially enroll, your full transaction history may take a few hours to appear.

For the best Digital Banking experience, we recommend using one of the following web browsers: 

  • Google Chrome™ 40 or higher 
  • Mozilla Firefox 44 or higher 
  • Safari® 9 or higher

Yes. Each page of Digital Banking is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This prevents an unauthorized individual from simultaneously viewing the pages that you are viewing. 

In 2022, we updated the login screen with additional security features, including enhanced biometric login. This does not change your login credentials. To log in, Digital Banking requires a username, password, and a security code. You can bypass the security code on frequently used devices.

You create your username and password. Unless you change them, your username and password stay the same. 

The security code is randomly generated and changes every time you access Digital Banking. You can access the security code in a few ways: 

  • Text message 
  • Phone call 
  • Google Authenticator™ (this option is available after enrollment) 

Email accounts are not as secure as your phone. That is why we do not email security codes during enrollment or for changing your personal credentials. If using your correct username and password on a new device, you can receive the security code by email. 

Google Authenticator™

Google Authenticator allows you to access Digital Banking quickly, especially when you cannot receive texts or phone calls. Email accounts are not as secure as your phone. That is why we do not email security codes during enrollment or for changing your personal credentials, including your password.

Yes. Google Authenticator works globally.

Internet service is only required to activate Google Authenticator during its initial setup on your mobile device. After that, Google Authenticator is able to generate a unique code without internet service.

Yes, Google Authenticator can be activated on multiple devices.

No, when prompted for a security code, you will be presented with all the ways you can receive the code.

Check to see if UNFCU has your correct phone number on file. A code cannot be sent to a phone number that has been recently changed. Other issues may be with your connection, carrier, or data plan.

Login issues

Please check with your phone provider to make sure that you are able to receive international text messages. If the issue persists, please contact us

If your account is locked, click the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts.

If you forget any of your login information, you can securely view your username or reset your password online. If you forget your username and have activated Google Authenticator, you can open the app to view your username.

If you forget both your username and password, call us at +1 347‑686‑6000 or use one of our toll-free numbers. For security reasons, we cannot reset your sensitive information via email, Skype, or Web Chat.