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Making Kenya mortgage payments FAQs

The more money you put toward your down payment, the less you will need to borrow. The less you borrow, the less you need to pay back each month.

Your interest rate will depend on whether you are purchasing a primary or secondary residence. It will also depend on various credit factors such as your loan-to-value ratio. Contact us at or call +254 20 7621044 for more details. View rates.

After the initial fixed period of the loan, your rate can increase or decrease by a maximum of 2% each year. It can increase or decrease by a maximum of 5% during the course of your loan. This means that your mortgage interest rate cannot go above your initial interest rate by more than 5%.

After the initial fixed period of three or five years, the variable rate is re-calculated each year. We add a margin to the 1-year Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Rate. View the current margin

If you already have a Kenya mortgage with us, you should refer to your mortgage documentation. The margin may have been different when you secured the loan. We apply a cap to limit the amount by which your rate can change.