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We are answering the planet’s urgent call for climate action

Guided by the leadership of the United Nations, we’re playing our part in the fight against climate change. Through our financial solutions, business operations, and credit union outreach, we are committed to creating a healthier planet.

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Protecting our planet, advancing the SDGs

The advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is crucial to the health of our planet. Our sustainability initiatives are contributing to the advancement of 9 SDGs that combat climate change.

Financial solutions that 
take climate action

  • Electrics.

    Energy efficient loan

    We offer a rate discount on eco-friendly home upgrades, including solar panels and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

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  • World.

    Impactful deposits

    Our Impact share certificate only funds investments and loans that support environmental and social initiatives.

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  • Energy efficient.

    Electric and hybrid automobiles

    To incentivize purchasing a car that is kinder to our planet, we offer a rate discount on our US auto loan for hybrid or electric vehicles.

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  • House checkmark.

    Sustainable home credit

    Members who purchase a certified energy efficient home in the US are rewarded with a $725 rebate.

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Impact Report

Read about our 2025 Impact Goals and the measures we are taking to protect the environment.

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