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Pay US bills with BillPay

Easily pay bills from merchants in the US online. You can enroll in BillPay if you have a UNFCU checking account. 

Make a payment using BillPay

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking.

  2. Select BillPay & Zelle®. 

  3. Choose the type of bill that you would like to pay.

    BillPay offers many bill types to choose from. Options include utilities, phone bills, TV and internet bills, and more. If you cannot find an option that matches the bill you plan to pay, you can select Everything Else.

  4. Enter your bill information.  

  5. Specify how much you need to pay and when. 

    You can also schedule recurring payments if the amount stays the same from payment to payment.  

Change or stop a BillPay payment 

If the payment has not yet been processed:

  • Go to the Pending Payments screen, then edit or delete the payment.  

If the payment has been submitted:

  • Call us at +1 347‑686‑6000 to see if we can change or stop it. Due to the immediacy of electronic payments, however, we may not be able to stop all payments from being processed.

BillPay FAQs

BillPay is an online service accessible from Digital Banking that you can use to pay your US bills. You can enroll in BillPay if you have a UNFCU checking account. Use BillPay to cover your payment obligations each time they are due. You can also schedule recurring payments, if the amount stays the same from payment to payment.  

Each time you make a payment using BillPay, you receive a confirmation number for tracking its status. All BillPay payments appear on your monthly UNFCU account statement. You can also view payments in your BillPay history and account summary page. 

If you do not have enough money to cover a BillPay payment(s), overdraft fees are assessed.

If the payee is set up to receive electronic payments, it can take two to ten business days. If the payee is not set up to receive electronic payments, UNFCU mails a check on your behalf.

BillPay includes a feature called eBills that allows you to receive bills electronically from participating US merchants. The eBills service can also send reminders when payments are due. The service is convenient, secure, and free of charge.

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