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2024 Board of Directors Election Results

Thank you for voting in the 2024 Board Election

You can now view the results of the 2024 Board of Directors Election. Below are the three winning candidates:

Ana María Alvarez Herrera

Board candidate (Incumbent)

Bellevue, Switzerland

Monica Hemmerde

Board candidate

Vienna, Austria

Adeyinka Ade Okuwoga

Board candidate (Incumbent)

Old Windsor, United Kingdom

See the final vote counts

Candidates Results
Ana María Alvarez Herrera (Incumbent) 16,128 (21.01%)
Adeyinka Ade Okuwoga (Incumbent) 12,665 (16.50%)
Monica Hemmerde 10,672 (13.90%)
Hans Baritt 7,834 (10.21%)
Munehiko Joya 6,706 (8.74%)
Dominik Jaksekovic 5,794 (7.55%)
Dennis Thatchaichawalit 5,584 (7.28%)
Kyle Ward 5,433 (7.08%)
Under vote 5,930 (7.73%)
Over vote 6 (0.01%)

Annual General Meeting (AGM) broadcast replay

If you missed our Annual General Meeting where the results were announced, you can register to watch the replay:

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Board responsibilities

Our Directors provide leadership and oversight to ensure that we remain competitive and resilient to changing economic and market conditions. The Board sets our strategic direction. They also establish policies that our management and staff follow in achieving our mission and vision.

Read our latest annual report for details regarding our 2023 performance.

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