Global Insurance Coverage Options

Global Insurance Coverage Options

Protect yourself and your loved ones with comprehensive insurance* products.

Members in the US

Members in the US can purchase personal and business insurance products from Industrial Coverage, an independent insurance brokerage that represents many of the finest insurance companies in the US. Industrial Coverage obtains insurance from the licensed, third party insurance carrier that offers the coverage that best aligns with each member’s needs.

Members living outside the US

Members living outside the US can purchase personal insurance products from Clements Worldwide, including:

  • Health
  • Auto
  • Disability
  • Property
  • Mobile Property
  • Special Risk

*All insurance products offered through UNFCU Financial Services, LLC doing business as Industrial Coverage (“UNFCU FS”), a licensed insurance agency in all US states including New York where its primary office is located. All insurance products obtained from licensed, third party insurance carriers.

No insurance offered or sold by UNFCU FS constitutes a deposit, is not insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, and is not guaranteed by UNFCU. UNFCU FS is a wholly owned subsidiary of UNFCU. Provision of any banking service or the offering of any loan or other extension of credit is not conditioned upon the purchase of insurance through UNFCU FS or any specific insurance agency.

Clements Worldwide is an insurance agency licensed in Washington, DC. Clements Worldwide has entered into a business relationship with UNFCU FS to provide insurance products to non-US residents. Insurance products are written by non-US insurers and are not available to US residents.


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