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Avoiding excessive transaction fees FAQs

The limit keeps down costs which allows us to offer higher dividends on savings accounts compared to checking accounts. If you need an account with unlimited monthly transfers at no charge, use a checking account.

The transfers subject to the excessive transaction fee after the first six in a month are: 

  • Debit card purchases 
  • Online bill payments, except when making a UNFCU loan payment 
  • Account to account transfers using Digital Banking 
  • Wire and mobile money transfers using Digital Banking 
  • Transfer requests made by phone

No, ATM withdrawals are not subject to the excessive transaction fee.

The following transfers, available from the Transfers & Payments tab of Digital Banking, are subject to the fee. You can make up to six such transfers for free in a month from a savings account. 

  • Wires 
  • Account Transfers 
  • Transfer to Members

Open a checking account and link your debit card to it. A checking account is perfect for day-to-day expenses and for covering monthly payments. It is designed to be used as a spending account and therefore allows for unlimited monthly transfers at no charge.

No, the fee rebates available through Member Loyalty Rewards do not apply to the excessive transaction fee. Learn more about how to maximize your Member Loyalty Rewards.

No. The excessive transaction fee only applies to certain types of transfers that withdraw money from your savings account.