Make a credit card payment

The fastest way to make your credit card payment each month is by using Digital Banking.

Make a one-time payment

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking.

  2. Under Transfer & Payments, select Loan Payments.

  3. In the When drop-down, keep the default Right Now option selected.

  4. Complete the remaining fields on the page.

    The payment will be made immediately.

Set up automatic credit card payments

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking

  2. Expand your card within the Loans and Credit Cards section. 

  3. Select Card Access

  4. Select Make a Payment from the Payments tab. 

    To pay from an account at another US financial institution, you will need your account and bank routing numbers. 

  5. Select or add a payment account.

  6. Choose an automatic payment type, authorize automatic deductions, and select Submit.

More credit card payment options

Pay at a New York branch: Payments made at one of our branches in New York will take up to two business days to process. 

Mail a check: Mailed checks can take up to 10 business days. Write your credit card number on the check and send it to: 

United Nations Federal Credit Union
PO Box 37035
Boone, IA 50037-0035

Credit card payment FAQs

No, your payment is due at the same time every month.

No, you can choose to make only a minimum payment every month. This minimum amount is indicated on your monthly UNFCU credit card statement. 

The minimum payment will either be 2.00% of the total new balance or $25.00, whichever is greater. If applicable, the minimum will also include: 

  • Any past due amount(s)
  • Any amount over the credit limit exceeding past due amounts 

If you choose to pay only a minimum balance, you will be charged interest on the remaining balance. 

We offer free Credit Life Protection for up to $20,000 of your credit card balance. UNFCU members can also enroll to receive Credit Disability Debt Protection.

Please refer to the section titled 20xx Totals Year-to-Date on your monthly billing statement. This section will state the amount that is automatically deducted from your account. The amount will be credited as your automatic payment on the scheduled date.

Interest is applied to the average balance amount charged to your credit card each day of the billing cycle. This is called the average daily method.

Your payment is applied to your account balance in the following order: 

  1. Miscellaneous charges such as insurance charges or fees
  2. Late charges
  3. Finance charges
  4. Principal balance of purchases
  5. Principal balance of cash advances

No, you should still pay the full amount of your monthly payment. We will credit your account once we receive the merchant credit.

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