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Secure email FAQs

A secure email is encrypted and should be used for emailing personal or account information. To get started, you need to request a secure email account. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to register for your secure email account. You will have 90 days to enroll and activate your account. If you do not take action within this time frame, you will need to re-submit your request.

An encrypted email is scrambled by the sender's email program. This renders it unreadable until it is de-scrambled or “decrypted” by the recipient's email program. UNFCU uses encrypted emails to send sensitive financial information to members. These encrypted emails include instructions on how to log in to the secure website to view the message.

Viewed messages and replies will be purged from the secure website after seven days. All non-viewed messages older than 14 days will also be purged. Once the messages are purged, they cannot be recovered.

Yes, UNFCU can send encrypted attachments along with the email message. Recipients can also add attachments to replies via secure email.

Yes, you can reply to the original sender of the secure email, but messages on the secure site cannot be forwarded to another party.

No additional software is required.

During initial enrollment, you will be asked to answer security hint questions. In the event that your password is forgotten or compromised, you can hit the forgot password link to reset your password. You will need to answer the security hint questions correctly in order to reset.

You will only need to enter your email address when you initially enroll in secure email. The next time you log in, the system will only require your password. You do not need to set up a new password each time a secure email is sent to you.