Stay Secure: Be cautious of phone calls claiming to be from UNFCU reporting fraud on your accounts.  Contact us directly to verify.
Maintenance: On 14 July, Digital Banking will be unavailable from 9:30 to 14:00 New York time.

Transfer money to another UNFCU member 

Link another UNFCU member’s account with your own to easily send them money. Members with linked accounts can only send each other money. They cannot withdraw money from the other member’s account.

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking. 

  2. Under Transfers & Payments, select Transfers to Members. 

  3. Select Start New Transfer.

  4. Choose a linked account or add a new linked account. 

    To add a new linked account:

    1. Select Add a new linked account.
    2. Enter details for the other member’s account that you would like to link.
    3. Select Add.
  5. Select Start Transfer. 

  6. Choose which account you would like to send from. 

  7. Enter the transfer amount and the purpose of your transfer. 

  8. Select Confirm. 

Sending to someone at another financial institution?

Discover more options to fit your country, currency, speed, and cost needs.

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