Wire & ACH transfer FAQs

ACH transfers are free when initiated on Digital Banking but are only payable in US dollars to financial institutions in the United States. Wire transfers offer more flexibility for a fee. Compare transfers to learn more.

You will have the option to use a free ACH transfer if: 

  • You are using Digital Banking to send $25,000 or less in US dollars from your UNFCU checking account, and 
  • You are transferring the money to an account at another financial institution in the US, and 
  • You have not already transferred $125,000 or more on the same day. 

UNFCU may permit transfers in excess of these limits from time to time. This will be based on UNFCU’s loss experience, security issues, and other factors. UNFCU also may deny or limit specific transfers if we have any reason to question the authorization for, or security of, the transaction. UNFCU may also set individual lower limits on a member’s account(s). This will be based on internal risk criteria including, but not limited to, length of membership.

ACH transfers made in Digital Banking are free. A fee is charged for requests submitted in person.

If your transfer is processed as an ACH, it will take up to three business days. The funds will be placed on hold and will not be accessible to you while the request is processed. 

Money wired within the US and its territories will reach the recipient in one business day, calculated from the date that the wire is sent from UNFCU. For all other locations, the length of time will depend on the recipient's banking operations and any intermediary banks needed to complete the transfer.

Processing times are subject to our terms and conditions (PDF)

If wiring money using Digital Banking, the estimated arrival date will be stated on the payment receipt. You can view the receipt from the Activity tab. You can also view ‘advices’ from the same tab at the end of the business day. An ‘advice’ has all the details related to your wire transfer. 

For wires sent from a UNFCU branch or representative office, please request the estimated arrival date. The member service representative handling your wire request can provide this information. 

Wire and ACH transfer instructions can be made via Digital Banking or in person. As a security measure, we do not accept instructions by phone or email.

Not at this time. If the recipient’s name includes a special character, you can replace it with the equivalent standard character. For example, if the recipient is named Muñoz, you can enter Munoz.

No, you need to have enough money in your account to cover the transfer and associated fees.

You can schedule transfers up to one year in advance.

If your wire or ACH transfer instructions were submitted via Digital Banking, check the status. Under Transfers & Payments, select Wires & ACH. If it indicates that the transfer was processed, you can select the Receipt button to view your payment instructions. An advice with all the details of your wire transfer will be available at the end of the business day.

Submit an amendment if you want to add information to your original transfer instructions. You can also use it to update incorrect recipient information. You can submit an amendment by visiting a UNFCU branch or representative office, or by emailing us at wiredesk@unfcu.com

Submit an amendment as soon as you notice a discrepancy. This will ensure timely processing of your transfer. It will also mitigate any additional fees from the recipient's and/or intermediary banks. It is not guaranteed that an amendment can be completed on all wire transfers. You will be notified by email if your amendment request cannot be completed.

No, we do not.

UNFCU does not have a SWIFT code because UNFCU is not directly connected to the SWIFT network. UNFCU’s registered BIC is UNUNUS31. This code can be used for identification purposes only. Payments with only a BIC will not be delivered to UNFCU. 

UNFCU does not charge for money you receive via incoming wire transfers. UNFCU’s ABA number and your account number must be included for UNFCU to receive the transfer. 

The recipient’s bank must have a valid SWIFT code with 8 or 11 characters. If the code has an ‘xxx’ at the end, please remove the ‘xxx’ and try again. If you continue to have issues, contact a member service representative.

All incoming wire transfers are converted to USD before reaching UNFCU, and ultimately a member's account.

The sending institution will select the US correspondent bank of their choosing. UNFCU can receive funds from any institution in the US that is a member of the Federal Reserve Wire Network.