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Contactless payment FAQs

Contactless cards use short-range proximity technology to complete payments between the card and a contactless terminal. Just tap your contactless card at the payment terminal. There is no need to insert or swipe your card.

Yes. Each contactless card transaction sends a one-time security code between the card and the reader. Your name, card number, and three-digit security code are not shared with the vendor.

Although contactless purchases are one of the most secure types of payment, you should still regularly review your statements. If you notice unusual activity on your statement, view the steps that you should take immediately

Check for this symbol on the front or back of your card:

You can make contactless payments at terminals that display this symbol:

Sometimes the vendor or transaction terminal may require a personal identification number (PIN), even with a contactless card. Your transactions are secure even if you are not asked to enter your PIN.

A contactless card and the digital wallet both use the same contactless enabled payment terminals. With contactless card payments, you tap your card. With digital wallet, you use your mobile device.