Stay secure: Be cautious of phone calls claiming to be from UNFCU reporting fraud on your accounts.  Contact us directly to verify.

Enable or disable biometric login

Sign in to Digital Banking using biometrics (unique physical characteristics such as your fingerprint) to skip entering your username and password: 

  • Face and fingerprint recognition for iOS
  • Fingerprint recognition for Android™ 

Enable biometric login

  1. Select Enable Biometrics on the mobile login screen or find this feature under Login Settings in the mobile app menu. 

    You will need to have your face or fingerprint registered in your device settings. 

Disable biometric login

  1. Launch the UNFCU mobile app on your Apple and/or Android device. 

  2. Under Profile, select Login Settings

  3. Select Biometrics

  4. Uncheck Enable Biometrics

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