Stay secure: Be cautious of phone calls claiming to be from UNFCU reporting fraud on your accounts.  Contact us directly to verify.

Fraud alert FAQs

Fraud alerts are a free service to notify you of suspicious transactions on your UNFCU credit or debit card.

If you received an alert, it is because we identified suspicious transactions on your UNFCU card. We continuously monitor your account for suspicious activity and send you alerts to help assure your account is not compromised.

This free service is included with all UNFCU debit and credit cards.

If you received the alert via email, check that the email is sent by It is safe and secure to click on links from this email address. This allows us to take immediate action. 

For further verification, the contact number on the alert should be 1-855-341-4646 (within the US) or +1 515-224-7380 (outside the US). You can also call the number on the back of your card if you need to contact us about an alert.

If you received a text or email, confirm whether you recognize the transaction(s).

  • If you do not recognize the transaction(s), we will block the use of your card until you contact us.
  • If you do recognize the transaction(s), we won’t make any changes to your card. 

You will receive a fraud alert if a transaction appears to be outside of your normal spending behavior. This may include unusually expensive purchases, or purchases made in different cities or countries. If you plan to travel, please complete a travel notice in Digital Banking. 

If you have a US mobile phone number, fraud alerts are automatically sent to that number. You may opt out by following the directions in the fraud alert. You will then receive the alerts via email. For your continued security, emails do not offer an opt-out option. We can only send alerts to the phone number and email on your UNFCU profile.

Fraud alerts do not stop the transaction. It will still be processed and posted to your account. If you do not recognize the transaction, respond to the alert to let us know. We will block the use of your card for future transactions.

You should then submit a fraud report. If your fraud report is approved, you will not be responsible for the charge. 

Text alerts are only sent to US mobile numbers and there is no charge from UNFCU. However, please check with your mobile phone carrier for possible charges.

Members who do not have a US number or have opted out of text alerts will receive an email.

Once you confirm that you do not recognize the charge, we will immediately block your card. You should then submit a fraud report to begin the fraud investigation process.