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Keep your membership active

After two years with no activity, your UNFCU accounts become dormant and subject to an inactive account fee of $5.00/month. After three years, any money in your account(s) must be sent to a US state institution by law.

Avoid these outcomes by taking one of the following actions at least once every year.

Sign in to Digital Banking

You can keep your membership active or reactivate a dormant membership by signing in to Digital Banking. After successfully signing in from any device, no further action is needed.

Make a deposit or withdrawal 

Options to make a deposit or withdrawal include: 

  • Transferring money to or from a non-UNFCU account
  • Withdrawing money at an ATM
  • Depositing money at a UNFCU ATM
  • Remotely depositing a US check
  • Sending us a check or money order payable to yourself by postal mail. Mail the deposit to: United Nations Federal Credit Union, Court Square Place, 24-01 44th Road, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA 

Quick tip

Transferring money between your UNFCU accounts will also keep your membership active. However, if your membership has already become dormant, you will not be able to transfer between your UNFCU accounts.

Complete an Account Reactivation form 

Complete this form and return it to our Legal Processing team.

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