Stay secure: Be cautious of phone calls claiming to be from UNFCU reporting fraud on your accounts.  Contact us directly to verify.

Set up payroll deposit

Work with your employer to automatically deposit all or a portion of your paycheck or pension into your UNFCU checking or savings account.

Why make payroll deposits?

Use your payroll deposits to consistently fund your checking account to cover your spending needs, and/or to grow your savings in US dollars (USD). Your money is insured to at least $250,000 per account holder. If you work for the UN and earn income in a currency other than USD, you can benefit from the UN exchange rate when you set up payroll deposit into your UNFCU accounts.

Who is eligible for payroll deposit? 

This service is available to UNFCU members who are:

  • Active staff of the UN, its agencies, and affiliates that allow direct payroll deposits
  • UN retirees receiving income from the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund
  • Employees of US organizations that are not directly affiliated with the UN

We also offer an online UN payroll deduction service to staff of the following UN agencies: 

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 

Staff of The Global Fund (TGF) can also use our online payroll deduction service.

Set up payroll deposit

  • Active staff of the UN, its agencies, and affiliates: Contact your organization’s payroll department. Although many UN payroll departments offer this benefit, you must first check with your employer to see if payroll deposit is available to UNFCU accounts. If your agency offers payroll deposit for UNFCU accounts, obtain the relevant form from your payroll department.
  • UN retirees: Contact the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund.
  • Employees of US organizations that are not directly affiliated with the UN: Contact your payroll department. In addition to your name and account numbers, you will need to provide UNFCU’s ABA number: 226078609. You do not need to provide your member number to set up payroll deposit.

UN staff eligible for the UN payroll deduction service can complete an online form in Digital Banking.


Quick tip

If your payroll department requires a SWIFT code or BIC:

  • UNFCU does not have a SWIFT code because UNFCU is not directly connected to the SWIFT network.
  • UNFCU’s registered BIC is UNUNUS31. This code can be used for identification purposes only. Payments with only a BIC will not be delivered to UNFCU.
  • UNFCU’s ABA number (226078609) and your account number must be included for UNFCU to receive the transfer.

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