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Request or modify UN payroll deduction

Staff of the following UN agencies can use an online form to specify the amount they would like to deduct from their UN payroll to deposit to their UNFCU account(s):  

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Staff of The Global Fund (TGF) can use the same online form to manage payroll deductions.

This service is only available for staff of the above organizations. For all other agencies, UNFCU offers direct deposits.

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking.

  2. Under Account Services, select Online Forms.

  3. Select UN Payroll Deduction Request Form.

  4. Choose the account where the money will be deposited.

  5. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit each month.

  6. Select Submit.


Quick tip

Your UN agency and staff index number are prefilled. If your staff index number does not appear, please enter your staff index number from your pay statement.  

To cancel an existing deduction, select Cancellation.

UN payroll deduction FAQs

These agencies partnered with UNFCU to establish an efficient and secure process for their staff to set up payroll deductions. For all other agencies, UNFCU offers direct deposits.

It could be that you have not updated the UN agency on your UNFCU profile. Only staff who have one of these agencies listed on their UNFCU profile will have access to the online payroll deduction form. Check your profile information in Digital Banking to ensure that your employment and contact information are current. Once your profile information is up to date, you will be able to access the payroll deduction form. 

If you have updated your employment profile information but you are still unable to access the payroll deduction form, please contact us.

You can submit a request at any time within a calendar month. However, the payroll deduction will take effect the following month.

Your payroll deduction will be credited to your UNFCU account by the last day of the month, at the latest. New submissions or changes will take effect the month after your submission.

Please check with your UN agency as they set the limit for payroll deductions to UNFCU. The amount deducted is to be made from your net pay.

All requests are reviewed by your payroll department. The amount for your payroll deduction could be amended by your payroll department if needed.

You can make changes as many times as needed during the calendar month. New submissions or changes will take effect the month after your submission.

You will receive confirmation by email upon successful submission of the form.

Yes, you can cancel a request at any time: 

  • If your request has been active for over a month, the cancellation will apply to the following month’s payroll. We will send you an email notification every time a cancellation request is received.
  • If you cancel a form you submitted within the current calendar month, the form will be voided.

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