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Understand IRS tax reporting rules

US financial institutions must comply with the reporting rules of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

IRS tax certification 

If you don’t pay US taxes, complete the IRS tax certification Form W‑8BEN every three years. This way, we will not withhold any interest you earned. 

If you are required to pay taxes in the US, complete the IRS tax certification Form W‑9

If you are not sure which form to complete, our IRS Reporting Rules Guide (PDF) provides helpful information. 

IRS Forms 1099-INT and 1042-S 

If you earned at least $10.00 in interest during the year, we need to report it to the IRS. 

We use Form 1099-INT to report this information for US taxpayers and members without a valid tax certification. 

For non-US taxpayers with a valid W-8BEN form, we use Form 1042-S. The IRS does not require any action if you receive Form 1042-S. 

We send you a copy of each form we send to the IRS. You may receive both a 1099-INT and a 1042-S in the same year. This may be because your tax status changed or your certification expired during the year. 

Certify your tax status

Our online tax certification system makes it easy for you to quickly and securely update your tax filing status.

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