Tax Certification

US financial institutions must comply with the reporting rules of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To report the correct information for each member, we need to know if you are a taxpayer in the US. Please certify your tax status by completing the IRS form that applies to you.

Certify your tax status online

The IRS provides a different certification form for US taxpayers (Form W-9) and non-US taxpayers (Form W-8BEN). Learn more about each form and the IRS reporting rules.

Any information you provide during the certification process may be used to populate US tax forms. We will send a copy of the forms to you and the IRS. When you provide this information to UNFCU, you consent to the transfer of the information to the United States. You also consent that we can process and report the information to the IRS. For more information about UNFCU's data protection practices, read our Privacy Policy.

Certify online

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