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ACH transfers

Send money for free1 to trusted contacts and businesses with US accounts

Easily send up to $25,000 US dollars (USD) from your checking account using Digital Banking.

How to send US transfers for free

Send an ACH transfer

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking.

  2. Under Transfers & Payments, select Wires & ACH.

    To send to a US account you own at another financial institution, use an external transfer instead.

  3. Select Send Money.

    Our system will automatically offer ACH as an option if your transfer qualifies.


Quick tip

Have the recipient bank’s ABA/routing number and the recipient’s account number ready. These unique numbers are needed to ensure that your money reaches the recipient.

Top ACH transfer FAQs

ACH transfers are free when initiated on Digital Banking but are only payable in US dollars to financial institutions in the United States. Wire transfers offer more flexibility for a fee. Compare transfers to learn more.

You will have the option to use a free ACH transfer if: 

  • You are using Digital Banking to send $25,000 or less in US dollars from your UNFCU checking account, and 
  • You are transferring the money to an account at another financial institution in the US, and 
  • You have not already transferred $125,000 or more on the same day. 

UNFCU may permit transfers in excess of these limits from time to time. This will be based on UNFCU’s loss experience, security issues, and other factors. UNFCU also may deny or limit specific transfers if we have any reason to question the authorization for, or security of, the transaction. UNFCU may also set individual lower limits on a member’s account(s). This will be based on internal risk criteria including, but not limited to, length of membership.

If your wire or ACH transfer instructions were submitted via Digital Banking, check the status. Under Transfers & Payments, select Wires & ACH. If it indicates that the transfer was processed, you can select the Receipt button to view your payment instructions. An advice with all the details of your wire transfer will be available at the end of the business day.

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