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Maintenance: On 14 July, Digital Banking will be unavailable from 9:30 to 14:00 New York time.

External Transfers

Move money for free between accounts you own in the US

With Digital Banking, send money to or from accounts you own at other US financial institutions and your UNFCU accounts.

How to send US transfers for free

Set up and verify an external account

  1. Sign in to Digital Banking.

  2. Under Transfers & Payments, select External Transfers.

  3. Select Setup a new External Account.

  4. Enter the information for your non-UNFCU account.

  5. To verify that these are your accounts, UNFCU will make two small deposits (under $1.00) into your non-UNFCU account.

    Please allow two days for the deposits to reach your non-UNFCU account.

  6. Sign in to your non-UNFCU account to view the small deposits.

  7. Go back to External Transfers in Digital Banking and enter those amounts. You can now begin making transfers between your linked accounts.


Quick tip

You can also use external transfers to transfer money from accounts you own at other US financial institutions to your UNFCU accounts.

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More ways to transfer

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