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Apply for UNFCU membership

UNFCU serves the financial needs of the UN community worldwide. If you are a UN staff member, UN retiree, or otherwise eligible to join UNFCU, view this guide for helpful application tips. 

Gather required documents

To complete your online application quickly and easily, have all of your required documents ready in PDF or JPG format. Remember that:

  • All identification documents must be in English. If the original is not in English, please have an authorized translator translate all fields before you send the document. The translated document must include your signature.
  • Expired documents are not accepted. 

Required documents

The name you enter on your UNFCU membership application must match the name on the identification you provide. 

Examples of government-issued identification include:  

  • Passport  
  • National ID card  
  • Driver's license  
  • Residency permit  
  • Laissez-passer  

Any documents issued by a national government must include all of the following:  

  • Photo  
  • First and last names  
  • Date of birth  
  • ID number  
  • Your signature  

The following documents are accepted:

  • Copy of your current contract
  • Letter of appointment
  • Personnel action form
  • Pension statement (for UN retirees only) 

The following documentation is required:

  • Copy of your current UN contract with a six-month minimum term  
  • For shorter-term contracts, copies of contract(s) indicating at least six months of consecutive engagements with the UN or its affiliated agencies

View our account restrictions.

The following family members of a UNFCU member are eligible to join:  

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Individuals who reside in and share financial responsibility of a household with the UNFCU member

You must provide the member number and birth date for your UNFCU family member. You must also be able to provide proof of your relationship upon request. Examples of acceptable proof include a marriage certificate, birth certificate(s), or a utilities bill that shows shared financial responsibility in a household. 

Membership for family members may be restricted in countries subject to US economic sanctions. Family members may also be restricted in countries where there is significant political, social, civil, or economic upheaval and/or violence. This includes countries without a functional government or those engaged in civil wars. 

Other information required throughout the application

  • Tax identification number, if not a US taxpayer  
  • Mailing address
  • Residential address (not a PO Box or UN address). Your residential address is often your tax address. 

Quick tip

When entering your mailing or residential address, you will see a field for your postal code. If you do not have a postal code, leave this field blank. 

Start your membership application

  1. On the application page, select START NEW APPLICATION. 

  2. Specify how you learned about UNFCU.

    If you are part of an organization eligible to join, you can view the documents required to proceed. If you are a family member, please provide the member number and date of birth of the existing UNFCU member.

  3. Review the disclosures and agreements. Check the box to the left of each statement, if you agree.

  4. Enter your name, email address, and date of birth.

  5. Enter the application ID sent to you via email along with your date of birth.

  6. Complete the application. 

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