Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

With our Wire Transfer Services, you can send or receive funds (bank-to-bank) from anywhere in the world.

You can submit a Wire Transfer Request through the following methods:

Please click here to check the fees and charges for sending funds via each method.

The following information is required for sending funds:
  1. The beneficiary’s bank account number, or International Bank Account Number (IBAN) if applicable for the destination country*
  2. The full name of the beneficiary
  3. The required bank information of the beneficiary bank:
    • SWIFT/BIC for most cross-border payments – please check with the beneficiary bank
    • ABA routing code/bank name and address for USD transfers within the US and its territories

*The IBAN is an international standard for identifying bank accounts, improving the speed and accuracy of your payment transactions. The IBAN requirement applies to all EUR payments regardless of the destination country as well as non-USD payments to an increasing number of countries worldwide.

For USD wires sent outside the US, please inquire with your beneficiary if the destination bank account is set up to receive USD. If your USD transfer must be converted to the local currency, the receiving bank may charge a fee for this exchange.

Foreign exchange wires

To provide our members with a competitive rate of exchange for non-USD currencies, UNFCU utilizes the services of external providers for currency purchases. The exchange rate is provided to the member at the time the payment request is submitted. If the member does not wish to proceed with the transaction, the member has 30 minutes from the time of submission to delete and cancel the request.

If a foreign exchange wire transfer cannot be completed and is returned to UNFCU, the amount that is returned to your account may be less than the amount originally transferred because of service charges of the beneficiary bank and/or any intermediary bank. Returned wire transfers (whether due to inability to apply funds to beneficiary account or as per a member recall request) will be credited in USD at the exchange rate of the date that the returned funds are received by UNFCU.

Recurring Wire Transfers

You can arrange for a recurring wire transfer to be sent automatically to a pre-defined beneficiary for a pre-defined amount on pre-defined dates.

The frequency of this wire transfer may be weekly (by day of week), bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. We can send funds in various currencies. Please contact us or check Internet Banking for the full list of available currencies.

Incoming Wires
If you are having funds wired to UNFCU, the following information is required:
  1. UNFCU ABA number: 2260-7860-9 
  2. Full member name
  3. Your 13 digit UNFCU account number without dashes or spaces
  4. UNFCU address:

    24-01 44th Road, Long Island City, NY 11101 USA

  5. The purpose of your wire

There is no charge to members for funds received via wire transfers.

UNFCU can only accept deposits in USD so any transfers sent in another currency must be converted to USD prior to deposit. UNFCU does not perform that conversion, so please confirm with the financial institution that is sending the non-USD transfer that they can first convert the funds to USD.

Helpful Wire Transfer Information

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